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William Morris Endeavor, VOX, Inc., Imperium 7, NV Talent, and dozens of other Voiceover Talent Agencies in Hollywood, and around the country, recommend Ed for demo production. Below, these voiceover actors all booked jobs or agents with their brand spankin' new voiceover demo from Ed's ChopShop. Take a listen! (Hover and scroll on the Soundcloud playlist below.)

About Ed

My Sennheiser 416 microphone on Mulholland Drive attempting to record the vociferous antics of Captain Caveman!

An award-winning voice, stage, and screen actor, Ed Cunningham has also produced close to 400 voiceover demos! Ed lives and works in Los Angeles, and for more than 20 years he's worked as a voiceover artist with most of the leading ad agencies, and film/tv studios. He's brought hundreds of radio and television spots to life. Currently running: Utah Skiing, Wrangler Jeans, Subaru, and many more. Ed records daily out of his guest house studio, and has narrated for VH1's Behind the Music, Discovery Channel’s Surgery Saved My Life, ESPN's The Bronx Is Burning, and TruTV's highest rated tv show Bait Car. Ed works with The Final Word and other loop groups in L.A. doing ADR for major motion pictures and network television (SIX, Ballers, Alpha, The Good Wife, Lone Survivor, Independence Day: Resurgence, and others.) Several Fox and NBC affiliates around the country use Ed as their station voice, and several companies in Silicon Valley use Ed's narration on their website and training videos-- Splunk, VMWare, Blackduck, Ebay, and Google. He has also voiced lead characters for dozens of top-selling video games (Tony Hawk, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Everquest, Soul Caliber, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Tales of Legandia, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.) An accomplished stage and film actor, Ed won Chicago’s highest theatre honor, the Joseph Jefferson Citation, for his portrayal of Marco in A View from the Bridge, and played Orpheus in the original production of the Tony Award winning play Metamorphoses with Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre Company. As a voiceover actor, Ed recently won an Addy for his Earl of Sandwich radio campaign, and years ago earned a Silver Microphone Award doing spoken word for an Ameritech radio spot. On screen, Ed stars opposite Jennifer Morrison and Daniel J. Travanti in the feature film Design (selected for the Sundance Film Festival and the Sundance Channel, and currently available on Amazon Prime). Throughout his career, Ed has taught acting and voiceover at every level. He holds a BA in English Literature from Davidson College and completed his Meisner Actor Training at Northern Illinois University's MFA Acting program. 

How does this work?

This is Ed Cunningham setting up his favorite microphone in the middle of L.A. traffic for no good reason.

Once you’ve decided to make your voiceover demo at Ed’s ChopShop, we’ll begin a three-step process…

Step One - Design
We meet and design your demo, which includes defining your voiceover type and choosing your copy. Allow 60-90 minutes for this meeting. An intial payment of $450 is due at the conclusion.

Step Two - Record
Recording is lots of fun! Time is not a concern, but it usually takes 2-3 hours. You'll step into my booth and, one at a time, record multiple takes for all of the VO tracks on your demo. The second and final payment of $450 is due at this session.

Step Three - Post-Production
Once I’ve completed post-production, I’ll send you a rough cut of your demo (an mp3 file attached to an email, usually 1 min 30 sec in length.) You’ll then play it for your friends, teachers, agents, etc., and we’ll discuss the feedback we’ve both received. Together, we'll list all of the changes we want to make in order to produce a final cut that is approximately 1 min in length. Further recording may be necessary, but usually not. Once you're satisfied with the final cut, I’ll send you your Master Copy in the highest quality wav format, as well as a high quality mp3, and we can make a plan for starting your voiceover career (i.e. decide where to send your demo, where to post your demo, and introduce you to other useful marketing tools and techniques.) The entire process can take anywhere from five days to three weeks, depending on our respective schedules.

Specific to the Animation Demo

It's acceptable and sometimes necessary for an animation demo to be longer than one minute. But not always! I always tell actors to begin by making a list of voices you do-- characters, dialects, impressions, etc. This list should be completed before our first meeting. We will then attempt to find suitable copy for 10 to 12 of these voices. And if we can't find it hiding in my extensive script files, we will write it ourselves, or find it through improvisation. I've been directing improvisation in the VO booth for years now. It's always a gold mine, and always such a blast!


No Matter Where You Live - Producing via Skype

The great thing about Voiceover in the 21st Century is you can do it from anywhere! Wherever you live, I can produce your demo by helping you select copy through emails and phone calls. Then, I'll help you find a high quality, affordable recording studio in your town-- most offer actors a low rate to record their demo tracks (~$40/hr). I then direct your recording session via Skype or digital phone patch, and when we're finished recording, the engineer in your studio will simply upload the session as a wav file and send me a link for downloading. That's it! Then I go to work on the post-production process, same as if you'd recorded the files in my studio.  

Services and Rates

My Sennheiser 416 microphone high above Universal City. He told me he was going for a walk, and this is where I found him.

Producing and Coaching


When people make their first voiceover demo, they generally make a commercial voiceover demo. Commercial demos offer the voice actor the most opportunity, and if you’re trying to land an agent, this is what they’ll want to hear first. On the other hand, if you’re serious about this new career, you will eventually need many different voiceover demos for the various types of producers/voice-seekers out there. Types of demos include: animation, promo, imaging, trailer, documentary narration, corporate/industrial narration, video games, phone messaging systems, infomercials, television affiliate announcer, live event announcer, etc. If you would prefer to start by making one of these other demos, I’m happy to oblige, and the rate is the same.

COACHING - In person or via SKYPE
Private, one-on-one Voiceover training - $100/hr

You step into my recording booth, and I’ll be your coach.  Or let's do it via SKYPE! Work out using current copy, while learning effective voiceover and microphone techniques for commercials, narration, promos, trailers, animation, etc. We’ll discover your strengths, hone your best sound, and figure out the right way to market your voice. I’ve coached actors, comedians, DJs, and just regular folks with good phone voice! No matter who I’m coaching, the goal is for the actor to leave with technique, and feel fired-up and confident about their voiceover career. 

Developing a strategy for growing your voiceover business - $100/hr

I’ve developed a lot of methods for booking work over the years that don’t involve signing with an agent. Benefit from my experience! Be your own agent, and start working tomorrow. Of course, getting an agent should be your main goal, no matter how difficult it might be. Timing is everything! I’ve helped actors secure voiceover representation at Atlas, WME, Abrams, DPN, CESD, and many other VO shops in Hollywood, by teaching them how to go about it the right way. Likewise, actors who have already secured representation often need help developing a marketing strategy for themselves. I can help determine short and long term goals and effective methods for hitting those marks. (I also happen to have a casting director list a mile long! With useful info about each CD.) A one hour consultation includes follow-up phone calls or emails.


When it comes to animation, the kids are taking over! Reserve a space now, and your child will learn the basics of VO, and walk away with their very own professionally produced voiceover demo. A one day Saturday workshop, where 5 kids will be directed by me, Ed Cunningham, and my wife, voice actor Anastasia Basil, at our studio in Valley Village. We can also do this on a private basis, with just you and your child. Sample Kids Demos here:


My Sennheiser 416 microphone sitting on Mulholland Drive, attempting to extract some words of wisdom from Bob Dylan.

Dan Bakkedahl ("Life In Pieces" and "Veep")

"Mine got me in over at VOX. They loved my commercial voiceover demo, and my animation demo... Nestled in his private studio in Valley Village (near Studio City) Ed treated me like a guest. He made sure I had copy that suited me and even guided me through the creation of some of my own, so my voice really represents who I truly am. A lovely experience all around."

Kelly Donohue ("Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh")

“Ed is not only an incredible teacher-- he helped me to create a stellar voiceover demo that I continue to book jobs off of today--he is also one of the kindest people I have ever met, period. I have since sent over a handful of friends both at the beginner and advanced level and he's helped them start out and advance their career in more ways than one. Whenever anyone asks me who to go to for an amazing demo, I say ED! He is truly wonderful.”

William Salyers (Rigby on "The Regular Show")

"The expert voiceover training Ed gave me was every bit as valuable as the amazing voiceover demo he put together. I was relatively new to VO, and he helped me gain the confidence to move my career forward. Shortly after my session with Ed, I landed a lead role on the Emmy Award winning Cartoon Network series The Regular Show."

Rod Sweitzer ("Bold and the Beautiful" and "Guiding Light")

“Since making the voiceover demo with Ed I've been doing it in every way shape and form. Through my agent, through the websites, and on my own. My demo gets me tons of response.”

Jenny Gillet (Actor, Puppeteer - Natural History Museum of LA)

“Ed was so great to work with!  When it came to recording my reel, he helped me every step of the way.  He helped me choose copy that resonated with me, gave me excellent advice before and during our voiceover demo recording session, and was just generally a very pleasant person to be around.  Two thumbs up!"

Talent Agents Who Recommend Ed's ChopShop:

Tom Lawless, VOX, Inc. (Los Angeles)

Erik Seastrand, William Morris Endeavor Voiceover (L.A.)

Debby Kotzen, NV Talent (Chicago)

Suzanne Spaziani, A Special Project Talent (L.A.)

Marni Anhalt, Imperium 7 Talent (L.A.)

Steven Neibert, Imperium 7 Talent (L.A.)


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