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VoiceOver Demos - Broadcast Production

Services and Rates

One-minute voiceover demo - $800

When people make their first voiceover demo, they generally make a commercial voiceover demo. Commercial demos offer the voiceover actor the most opportunity, and if you’re trying to land an agent, this is what they’ll want to hear first.

On the other hand, if you’re serious about this new career, you will eventually need many different voiceover demos for the various types of producers/voice-seekers out there. Types of demos include: animation, promo, imaging, trailer, documentary narration, corporate/industrial narration, video games, phone messaging systems, infomercials, television affiliate announcer, live event announcer, etc. If you would prefer to start by making one of these other demos, I’m happy to oblige, and the rate is the same.

Monday Night VO Workout - $20

Join the ChopShop's Monday Night VO Workouts! Whether you're new to VO or a working pro expanding into animation, promo, or narration... come hop on the mic!

Be ready for your next voiceover audition. Walk into your next session with some tude! Ed will help you choose copy, direct you in the booth, and get feedback from the group. Learn by working in a pro's home studio and by watching others do the same. Get ideas for your own home studio. Come back next week and try something totally different!

Class limited to 8 each week. To reserve a spot email ed@edschopshop.com

Private, one-on-one Voiceover instruction - $75/hr

You step into the recording booth, and I’ll be your trainer. Work out using current television and radio copy, while learning effective voiceover and microphone techniques for commercials, narration, promos, trailers, animation, etc. We’ll discover your strengths, hone your best sound, and figure out the right way to market your voice. I’ve coached actors, comedians, DJs, and just regular folks with good phone voices; no matter who I’m coaching, the goal is for them to leave feeling fired-up and confident about their voiceover career.

Career Consultation
Developing a strategy for growing your voiceover business - $75/hr

I’ve developed a lot of methods for booking work over the years that don’t involve signing with an agent. Benefit from my experience; be your own agent, and start working tomorrow.

Of course, getting an agent should be one of your main goals, no matter how difficult this accomplishment can be. I’ve helped actors secure voiceover representation by teaching them how to go about it the right way.

Likewise, actors who have already secured representation often need help developing a marketing strategy for themselves. I can help determine short and long term goals and effective methods for hitting those marks.

A one hour consultation includes follow-up phone calls or emails.