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VoiceOver Demos - Broadcast Production

Making the Demo

Once you’ve decided to make your voiceover demo at Ed’s ChopShop, we’ll begin a three-step process…
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Step One - Design
We meet and design your demo, which includes defining your voiceover type and choosing your copy. Allow 60-90 minutes for this meeting. An intial payment of $400 is due at the conclusion.

Step Two - Record
Recording is lots of fun! Time is not a concern, but it usually takes 2-3 hours. You'll step into my booth and, one at a time, record multiple takes for all of the VO tracks on your demo. The second and final payment of $400 is due at this session.

Step Three - Post-Production
Once I’ve completed post-production, I’ll send you a rough cut of your demo (an mp3 file attached to an email, usually 1 min 30 sec in length.) You’ll then play it for your friends, teachers, agents, etc., and we’ll discuss the feedback we’ve both received. Together, we'll list all of the changes we want to make in order to produce a final cut that is approximately 1 min in length. Further recording may be necessary, but usually not. Once you're satisfied with the final cut, I’ll send you your Master Copy in the highest quality wav format, as well as a high quality mp3, and we can form a plan of action for starting your voiceover career (i.e. decide where and how to send/post the demo, and introduce you to other useful marketing tools and techniques.)

*The entire process can take anywhere from five days to three weeks, depending on our respective schedules.